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Evaluate the needs and the current status of the Romanian nuclear education and training and coordinate their joint efforts to establish a National Framework


• Define a national strategy proposal for Nuclear E&T harmonized with EU requirements


• Enhance the learning technologies and courses for both online (e-learning) and onsite training


• Develop a knowledge database to efficiently exploit the project results and to disseminate the knowledge


• Perform the preparatory work (feasibility study) to set up a national network as a “mirror group” of European Education and Training Network-ENEN and as a corporate adviser and support for the National Authorities and Beneficiaries


A communication and dissemination strategy will be established as part of the project, to spread the knowledge and to share the project results;


RONEN is designed to comply with ENEN and other European initiative in the field of nuclear higher education and training, to implement EURATOM requirements and to harmonize the Romanian nuclear E&T system with the European methods and practices in order to assure its quality validation and recognition.


ENEN Association mission is the preservation and further development of expertise at he European in the nuclear fields by higher education and training; RONEN will have the same mission at national level.


RONEN will be part of the European system of nuclear higher education and training and will promote the European nuclear E&T cooperation and integration.


The project partners are the most significant actors in Romanian academic and nuclear research area, with important contribution to the development of nuclear E&T, regulatory body, NGO and SMEs, as well as the first national consortium implementing ENEN rules, BNEN, represented by SCK*CEN.

All the Consortium members are committed to sustain the development of the project as a sound base to strengthen their E&T capability to and will allocate their best staff and equipment to fulfill the objectives of the project.

This consortium represents the “core group” of the future entity to be developed bur RONEN will be open to all eligible institutions which will intend to join it as “users group”.


RONEN is also supported by the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), the utility, SN NUCLEARELECTRICA SA (SNN), as well as by the Romanian Atomic Forum - ROMATOM as potential beneficiaries of the project results.

The project will offer the answer to the requirements regarding nuclear E&T expressed by the Nuclear Agency during the last "NucInfoDay 2009-Human Resources-the Key for Sustainable Development of Nuclear Energy"

Download this file (RONEN_B_form.pdf)RONEN_B_form.pdf