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RONEN (ROmanian Nuclear Higher Education and Training Network) is a joint initiative of the important Romanian Universities, Nuclear Research Institutes, SME, NGO and Regulatory Body to coordinate their efforts in order to strengthen their institutional capability to assure a higher quality of nuclear education and training according with the EU and European Nuclear Education and training Network requirements.

The main purpose of this project is to assist RONEN Consortium to define, based on Romanian and European documents a proposal regarding the strategy and programs for future development of nuclear E&T in Romania as well as the establishment of a national framework to assure the qualified staff for the new CANDU reactors under construction in Romania.

According with the last developments two new CANDU-PHWR reactors will be in operation at Cernavoda NPP until 2016 and a new NPP is estimated to be built by 2025.

The partners who started this networking initiative are:





The project will address the topics of FP7 Euratom, from nuclear engineering, radioactive waste, nuclear safety, new reactor concepts to radiological protection and medical applications of nuclear energy.

The project milestones are: Proposal for Romanian Nuclear Education and Training Strategy, Methodology for Self - Evaluation Reports, Joint Pilot Course(s) and RONEN Set - Up.